Cleaved Maiden is a tavern located in South Stewark on Southern Islands during Arcania.

Background Edit

It is located on the border with the orc forest, on the trading path, which connects the west with Stewark Setarrif and Argaan in the south, the largest of the southern cities. On the top floor of the tavern, as well as through the holes in the wooden fence old tavern visitors can see a beautiful view not only to the gloomy forest, but also on the raging sea, which is located near the inn.

The tavern belongs to Murdra. Fat, chunky, simple, somewhat coarse middle-aged woman, with whom, according to witnesses, it is better not to have affairs.

One day, while the tavern was still called "The farmer" (a name invented by her husband, but the owner did not like it), Murdra was walking on path, near the bloody valley. During her walk, she found an old, damaged statue. Almost nothing was left of the statue, only thing that was possible to identify that it was a statue of a woman, and that her head was divided into two parts. Thinking that it will attract more visitors to the tavern, Murdra decided to take the statue back to the tavern. She then renamed the tavern into Cleaved Maiden. Her husband surrendered to the onslaught of arguments, he simply was not given to insert his words, from that moment on, the tavern was known as Cleaved Maiden.

ArcaniA Edit

Cleaved Maiden is the first cluster of people, which Shepherd of Feshyr first meets after reaching the Argaan.. Diego commissions hero to find Fire Mage named Daranis, which should have information about the temple hidden in the mountains. His room is on the second floor. Because of the bandits, who took the bridge to Stewark, Murdra is has reluctant attitude to the hero. With time it changes. At the entrance to the inn is a lumberjack Grengar, which oversees who can go inside. The inn has few hunters, loggers and forest runners. It also has king Rhobar III spy - Zyra, which is interested in adventurer. Near the inn there are small animals, consisting of chickens and oxen. The latter guarding the groom. Behind the inn is a small cave, which is a warehouse. There is a box with Bloodflies. All supplies are imported from nearby areas. The fields in the west are inhabited by goblins and vampires, and the forest to the east by a herd of wild boars and several bandits.

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