Diego is a thief that appears in ArcaniA and its expansion Fall of Setarrif.

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ArcaniA Edit

Diego smuggled goods on Myrtana's war ships. For the first time he appears on the isle of Feshyr, when Gromar's blessing is obtained. Gromar tells the hero to get rid of him from the island, but after a fight he gives the hero his old machete as proof that the Shepherd got rid of him from the island. Some time later he sends the hero with herbs to Lyrca. In the absence of the hero, his village is destroyed. After this incident, he takes the hero to Argaan and orders to find an ancient temple in the mountains where there is a divine anvil and he goes to Stewark. There he unexpectedly falls into the trouble of which he must get out, but only with the help of the hero. Diego is accused of killing Mermund, for which he is captured and thrown into a dungeon at Stewark, yet the main hero is freed. Then he goes somewhere with Rauter and Gorn, but he does not want to tell the hero where they are going and what they will do. With time, he arrives in Thorniara, where he is imprisoned by Militia and Lord Hagen by Blood Viper mercenaries and forced by them to fight in the arena of Lord Dominique. But the hero is saved.

Fall of Setarrif Edit

Like the rest of Rhobar III's friends, he set off to Setarrif to stop the demon. He helps Milten to dig up the entrance to the ruins of the city and gives the hero some clues.

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