Gawaan is the commander of the castle Srebrowodzie and brother of Ethorn VI appearing in ArcaniA.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Lord Gawaan probably born in Setarrif as a younger brother Ethorn. Even as a young man possessed diplomatic skills and military. He rebelled against the governor myrtańskiemu Argaanii - Lord Tronterowi. He stood on the side of Argaańczyków as one of the main commanders. Together with his troops attacked Trontera, who hid in the castle Srebrowodzkim. The siege of the fortress lasted until the moment when the enemy surrendered. It was his first major victory. The award was the ruler of this place. Then he has fought many battles about which little is known course.

ArcaniA Edit

After the attack Rhobar III decided to strengthen their defense. For this reason, he sent to the Valley of Blood its branch. Soon after his spies tell him that the Lord Hagen went toward the ravine Thorniarskiego. In the short time he organized the army and went to the place. He personally took part in the Battle of Myrtanians. When the big head demon obstructs the pass to Thorniara, Gaawan faints from shock sword. People Gaawana survived only a few. After waking you go with them to the castle, but is trapped by Orcs, and his men forced to work in a nearby valley. Soon after, the nameless hero frees him from Erhag. After these events kill Zargasha and frees people baron. At the time of the battle and the kidnapping of power in the castle holds Kasztelan Gilthor. After returning hero Gawaan grants permission to search the archives to find information about the Temple of the Goddess, and tells the story of two magicians, who also sought the temple.

Character Traits Edit

It is warm and good-natured man, very caring for his people. He admits that he hates war and suffering associated with it. But despite this he took part in numerous battles, where he became famous as a strategist. It is also a knight, because its main features is the courage and desire to help others. The castle is trying to maintain discipline. It is nice to hero. When the castle was full of prisoners of war, he decided to sleep on the floor among his soldiers.

Trivia Edit

  • Gawaan looks almost identical to his brother, though he is younger.
  • It is one of two characters who wear setarrifski armor layer.
  • He wears a shield with the coat of arms paladins instead srebrowodzkiej shield.

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