Knut is a farmer living on Feshyr during ArcaniA.

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Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Knut before the events of ArcaniA, besides that his father unintentionally was killed by Orruk and he had a crush on Ivy.

ArcaniA Edit

At some point, Knut tried to get the dagger from Melgan's tomb, but failed to drive away the critters in the tomb and had to leave without the dagger. When Shepherd travels to Melgan's tomb, Knut stops him and tasks the hero with killing molerats around his farm, otherwise he won't let hero to pass the bridge. After the task is complete, Knut let's the hero to pass the bridge.

On the way to the Diego's hideout, Knut meets with the hero and when the meeting comes, Knut after a short conversation attacks him. He reveals that he had a crush on Ivy and wants to marry her. When he loses the battle, he will detach himself from Ivy at the request of the hero.

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Like other denizens of Feshyr, Knut dies when Blood Vipers attack the village.

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