Winstan is the soldier serving Baron and helping the rebels of Herta appearing in ArcaniA.

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ArcaniA Edit

Winstan was guarding the southern part of Stewark. Diego sends Shepherd because the soldier had seen the entire incident between him - a Mermundem. Winstan from the very beginning is a nice and friendly to the hero tells the Shepherd of Feshyr that he's working with rebels. He also says that they have Mermunda. He gives the task to find Liuven - Renwick sisters and Herta. When Nameless does the job, he visits the hideout of the rebels in the old crypt, which lies near the city.

When the main character along with the rebels overthrow the current baron, is at the forefront of Stewark with Hertan. Winstan will then be standing in front of the inn owned by Ingor. He will thank Shepherd for what he did.

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His fate is unknown. If the hero chooses to side with Renwick, Winstan will die. Otherwise, when Hertano comes to power, he probably continues to live in Stewark.

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