Xardas is a necromancer appearing in ArcaniA and it's expansion Fall of Setarrif.

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ArcaniA Edit

He lives in the tower east of Tooshoo. Nameless first meets his astral projection at the exit of the temple of the Goddess of Mount white-eyed. But then he disappears. First time talking in the lighthouse in Thorniarze. He presents a hero and says that watching him from Feshyr. He believes that Nameless do just as you need, because it is his nature. Then they meet on the flanks of the eastern tower. He says then that the hero of Feshyr may prove as useful as Rhobar III. For the third time in the temple Innosa, after regaining amulet Dreamer. He explains that the amulet itself is worth little without binding, and urges the hero to come after her to his tower. Teleport to it is a lighthouse for the city. Xardas Gorn told to clean her way to the cemetery. Personally, I meet the nameless until the end of the game. The tower gives him the setting for the amulet Dreamer and sends it to the Monastery on a cliff, which is attacked by Xesha and Ahn'Bael. He tells him to defeat demoness and put the amulet with the lighting in the right place, to free Rhobar III from the curse. Necromancer tells the hero go to Zoldren, which way would be the fastest to reach the monastery. He warns him just before the demon lord Zoldren.

Fall of Setarrif Edit

Xardas appears there only for a moment in the temple of the Setarrif. He explains that the last of the artifacts needed to defeat Dreamer, the Seal of the Goddess, which was the hero left the monastery on a cliff. He says that the hero does not have to go back there, because Selena has everything she needs, and she brought the seal to the city. Adanos in the temple, where they attack her demons, so Xardas tells the hero in a hurry.

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